Our Mission is to

inspire & transform

A business is only as strong as its people. At Transforme, we believe that responsive, customized, need-based training makes the difference between a good workforce and a great one.

Studies prove that ongoing professional development is the single most important factor in recruiting and retaining quality employees. Transforme packages include a wide range of topics, from helping managers take on greater responsibilities and manage different types of reporting structures, to helping key leaders within your company set realistic and measurable goals, give timely and constructive feedback, communicate effectively, facilitate meetings, coach employees, and manage the performance of their teams.

We understand the need to run a tight ship. To that end, we also offer workshops on team building, time management, productivity, and advisory services on call-center / customer-support solutions.

Our Organizational Development (OD) Advisory Process:

Analysis and Assessment

We spend a whole day at your place of business, identifying key people, interviewing managers, surveying employees, and talking with you about your training needs. We want to understand your strategic goals, gauge your HR challenges, identify skill gaps, and find out what’s holding your business back from being even more effective.

Training and Curriculum Development

This is where we really shine – in developing training specific to your needs. We use an approach that respects the availability and learning styles of your employees, allowing them to pick and choose activities and modules that work for them while still delivering the learning they want and need. This can include, but is not limited to, self-assessment surveys with personal feedback, attending in-class lectures and workshops, and engaging in business simulation and role-playing.

All our training involve a in-person delivery methods.

Approval and Implementation

Once we have your training developed, we’ll give you an opportunity to review it before implementing with your staff. When your feedback is incorporated, we’ll establish a schedule for rolling out the training and set benchmarks for completion. Then, let the training begin!


Every training we design includes an evaluation component. Not only do we evaluate your employees’ learning through a one-to-one assessment, we ask you and your staff to evaluate us: Did the training meet your expectations? Did it solve a specific problem or problems? What could we do better next time?

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